Allow me to introduce myself and you will quickly realise that I can make your dream date come true.

My name is Fernandez, I am 34 years old and live in Ghent. Although I am born and raised in Belgium, I have southern roots.
 In other words, I have plenty of temperament. In my daily life, I occupy an executive position, which means that I have the same obligations as everyone else. I am a well-groomed, spontaneous, social and open-minded man. Discover more info here.

I love a challenge and like to discover new things. I love surprises and adventures, which are a constant part of who and what I am. I like to smile and dance, but also love a romantic dinner or a sauna visit. 

Massages are my passion and travelling is the cherry on top. And in bed… hmmm… I can guarantee that you will feel your blood flow in every vein… so intensely that you will never forget my name and person. 

In other words, if you still doubt my skills, I would like to say: “don’t hesitate, you only live once: take a chance. This is the end of our first introduction.

Love, Fernandez xxx

Looking for a high-class gigolo in belgium? I am also available worldwide. I can satisfy all your needs. 0489 86 55 91